Incorporating Financial Mindfulness in Your Everyday Routine presented by The New Savvy x feloSOPHIE

Location: feloSOPHIE Headquarters, 5 Leung I Fong, Sai Ying Pun (MTR Exit B2, Locate 38 Third Street)

Time: Thursday, June 21, 2018 | 7:00 PM Hong Kong time 


We all know the importance of mindfulness when taking care of our personal wellbeing in the fast-paced lives that we lead. Whilst this is frequently applied to the way that we eat, exercise and interact with others, we often forget the impact that our finances can have on our wellness when this part of our lives is not in harmony.

Being aware of how a healthy relationship with your finances can transform many other areas of your life is critical and by taking simple steps to address any financial concerns you might have, this is the cornerstone for finding fulfillment in all aspects of your well-being. 

Whether you have started to invest and want more information on what to do next or you are just starting to plan small financial goals, join us to find out more about how you can take steps to enhance your personal finances and achieve financial happiness. 

The New Savvy is Asia's leading financial, investments and career platform for women. We empower women to make smarter financial decisions and help you transform your relationship with money and supercharge your career. Be part of a growing community taking control and supporting others in their journey towards financial independence.

During this insightful event in collaboration with feloSOPHIE, we will hear from women from a variety of backgrounds and industries who, just like you, chose to make a difference, implement change in their everyday routines and never looked back.

We are here to empower you to reach your true potential and implement practical steps to achieve your goals and career aspirations without sacrificing your personal financial wellness. It does not matter what stage you are at. You can implement the tools to thrive both personally and professionally.

We look forward to meeting you!

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