We have been invited as John Masters Organics' guest speaker to share you some tips and tricks on How to Wear Your Active Gear from Studio to the Street. John Masters Organics will also provide a few hair-do techniques to complete each of the healthy active looks we are introducing. 

誰說上班服和運動服一定要分兩套?設計時尚有型的運動服更像時裝,穿著去什麼地方也可以!我們分享怎樣讓運動服在不同場合也能配搭成潮流時尚服裝,並提供個人形象指導。John Masters Organics還會介绍幾個簡單的頭髮造型方法去配合你的運動服,令你的造型更時尚!

Where: 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

When: Tuesday March 20th, 2018


7:30PM - 8:00PM: Styling Tips & Tricks on How to Wear Your Active Gear  & Hair from Studio to the Street

8:00PM - 9:00PM: Personal Shopping & Styling Workshop

Registration is on a first come, first served basis and SPACE IS LIMITED!!

Goodie Bag: 

Upon completion of both the hair and active fashion personal shopping/styling workshops, each participant will receive a curated bag full of amazing treats from our sponsors. 

feloSOPHIE’s Personal Shopping & Styling Workshop

The fast pace of Hong Kong really does seep into every aspect of life! However, feloSOPHIE’s personal shopping and styling service forces you to slow down, turning a usually manic shopping trip into a more leisurely experience. feloSOPHIE is passionate about supporting you to feel confident in your active style, helping you to truly discover your image and allow it to shine in your healthy active lifestyle!

The personal shopping and styling workshop features content on personalized styling tips for you to make the most out of your activewear-  wear it to work, brunch or dates simply by mix-and-matching and accessorizing. In addition, each attendee will be given two active outfits to try, one outfit is customized based on attendee’s preferences, and one outfit would be paired by our feloSOPHIE stylist based on what she thinks would look good on you! Through the workshop, feloSOPHIE hopes to engage you to think outside the box, and encourage youto feel comfortable and confident under your own skin. Attendees will enjoy an exclusive discount for any purchase made during the event

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