May 16, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from?

Hi, I’m Rebecca, I teach Yoga and Antigravity Fitness at Flex Studio.

Though I was born in Hong Kong, I have lived abroad in Singapore and in the United States, where I also went to college to completed a degree in Communications while practicing ballet and modern dance.  I have always enjoyed dancing, but unfortunately, over the years, have sustained injuries to my knee that’s prevented me from pursuing dance more intensively. I further injured my meniscus a few years back after moving back to Hong Kong. Fortunately, I discovered AntigravityTM  Fitness (AG), a fitness program inspired by Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Acrobatics that’s done on a silk hammock.  AG helped me get back to moving post knee surgery by relieving pressure on my knees - which was a blessing to me.  When I recovered, I wanted to share this knowledge with others, especially to those who also come from sports injuries, and became an instructor.

On the contrary, my yoga journey began by accident, not because of an accident, in 2005 at a small yoga studio in the U.S.  At that point, I didn’t know the philosophy behind yoga, but simply wanted to take up another form of movement that would do good to my body. As I learned more over the years, this accident stumble into yoga eventually lead to a career where I am now able to share my knowledge and help others understand that yoga is not just about the poses, but a whole practice for both the mind and body.


What is your favorite sport/work out and why?

To nobody’s surprise, my favourite “sports” are Yoga and AG. Yoga provides me with a mind-body balance through its series of movements and breathing exercises. I also enjoy AG because it restores one’s body with movements and creates space in one’s body. However, I wish more people would recognize AG for its health benefits and mind-body philosophy rather than how Instagrammable each AG pose is.


What motivated you to start your career in Health & Wellness?

I have always wanted to have a career that does something good for my body and I also enjoy sharing with people what I love - combining these two elements together, I pursued a career in Yoga and AG Fitness.

What is your favourite type of sportswear and why? What quality or feature are you looking for in sportswear?

Comfort comes first but who doesn’t want to look good when they are working out? Comfort to me means any sportswear that provides me with good support. I recently found out that sportswear made with recycle materials can fit well too!

Aside from being a successful female fitness guru, how do you feel about being a female in other roles?

Aside from being a Yoga and AG Fitness Instructor, I am also a freelance writer and the journalism industry in Hong Kong is still quite male dominated. However, I don’t feel challenged nor do I feel that it’s a competition between men and women. In fact, there are many women who have made great achievements and are being recognized.


How do you achieve a work life balance? How much time do you spend at the gym?

I am still trying to find a work life balance. I work seven days a week, but I don’t take work as work. I enjoy it.

While my friends always urge me to take a break, I don’t want to stop working! In fact, I wish I could bejack of all trades and turn my many passions into professional jobs. With many hobbies and things on my to-do list, my work-life balance is about prioritizing.

What it means to be a “Beautiful Woman”?

A woman who feels good about herself is beautiful...
A beautiful woman is someone who leads a healthy lifestyle... someone who is content about themselves.

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