March 07, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from?

I’m Jen. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada in a traditional Shanghainese household. I grew up around entrepreneurs and upon graduation, I moved to Shanghai and worked for six years where I helped businesses, such as lululemon athletica and TOMS to enter China.


What motivated you to start your own business? Is it anything related to your study or what you encountered?

I have always admired the power of creative content in connecting one another. No matter if you are a business or an individual, you need to express, network and connect with others to share an idea, product and/or experience. But not all content translates well as ugliness just doesn’t inspire action.

One time, while photographing an under-resourced Nepali farm community for a local newspaper, I witnessed and experienced income disparity first-hand in a very real way. Every night I counted the rupees spent and noted that I never spent more than 3 USD daily even though that covered three curry meals, clean bottled water to shower, and snacks on the road. It was a turning point in my life where I questioned why creative content is so powerful and yet inaccessible by its price. I decided to build a platform to make content creation accessible, where there are more available jobs everywhere for every type of artist, affordably and instantly.



What challenges you faced, especially as a female entrepreneur, when launching your own business/passion project?

I spend majority of my time working with females as most of my clients are families or HR/marketing managers (which are mainly females).

However, I did encounter gender related challenges, especially when it relates to negotiations. In an otherwise male-dominated industry of creatives and photography, women creators don’t usually standout despite their inherent difference in style and tonal preferences.  As a matter of fact, most well-known photographers are male. When these male photographers first met me, they immediately identified me as a woman and subconsciously did not treat me as an equal, and I want to change that. At WanderSnap, we hire and retain female community members to our best effort through initiatives likeCall Her Shot

Aside from being a successful female entrepreneur, do you take up other roles?

At this point, I am devoting most of my time and energy into WanderSnap, as being an entrepreneur you need to work on full speed and inject a lot, if not all, of your energy into the business. Outside of that, I am an Airbnb Experience host in HK (showing you how to shoot awesome mobile photography on your phone), teach spin/TRX, and developing a Youtube channel for all things crypto. I love learning and sharing in any creative capacity possible.


How do you achieve a work life balance?

I enjoy spending time to work out as it is not only measurable but it also conditions my mind and helps me find a balance.
I used to teach spin and I also enjoy HIIT, TRX and Yoga.

How do you define a beautiful woman?

It is not just about the gender and comments from the outer world. Everyone can be beautiful as long as they are inherently confident when they are behind the camera lens.

What I am trying to describe is a state of mind where one is filled with a genuine sense of contentment and fulfillment, even when the lights/cameras are off.

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