July 26, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from?

Hello - my name is Cam. I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in South Africa during the last leg of the Apartheid era and have lived there for over two decades. Before moving back to Hong Kong in 2011, I spent two years living near beaches in Queensland, Australia. I currently work in Communications at an international Swiss Bank in Hong Kong, and I started my own side business last year called CorpYoga.

What motivated you to start your own passion project?

Living in vibrant city like Hong Kong and working in an international financial institution, it is a always-on-the-go lifestyle. In my earlier years, I socialized a lot which resulted in me consuming quite a lot of alcohol almost every day. Consequently I felt my body/health was turning upside down.

After my first year in HK I decided to do something about this situation - I wanted to look good and most importantly, feel good again! It was then I began my gym routine of spinning and weight training with the aim to lose weight. I was not really into stretching or yoga as I always enjoyed something more intense and fast-paced. During that time, my cardio was set, body strength was OK, while flexibility was weak.

In 2014, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and coincidentally  I started attending yoga classes with my colleagues. Despite being a dancer before, I struggled with even the most basic yoga postures. The practice initially  got me frustrated which made me always stayed at the back corner of the classroom. However, when your family is going through a tough patch, my mind and body needed to be focused and clear of my priorities so I was determined to keep going back to class.. I was also lucky to have met my teacher, who has been motivating, encouraging and supporting me throughout  my yoga journey.

Through yoga, I became more mindful and with that, I realized how my ego, wanting to be the best in the class and to be my teacher’s favourite, was my main enemy.  I am now eager to learn more about my body and accept its limitations and conditions. Besides, it is important that you trust your teachers and believe that they are doing the right things for you.

What motivated you to start your own business?

I had my first yoga teacher training in 2015 where I went through rigorous physical training and studying. I had another yoga teacher training in 2016 and after that I started teaching some classes to my friends.

I was diagnosed with early cervical cancer at the end of 2016 and had my surgery in early January 2017. During my recovery, I focused on building my platform and started teaching. The reason I started was to share my knowledge and be an advocate for wellness. I started investing time and money in building website, doing marketing, getting clients and promoting on social media. I met a lot of amazing people during the process regardless of whether they were my students or business partners. They have helped me grow and so I wanted to help others grow as well. This is how CorpYoga started and continues to grow.

Aside from being a successful female entrepreneur, what other roles are you taking up - Mom? Daughter? Wife?

Daughter - I am the only child at home. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well so I can give back to my parents who have given me the best of everything growing up.

Student - I am constantly learning from different teachers. They all have different features to contribute and learn from.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

I workout five to six times a week - usually two days of cardio, two yoga sessions and some strength training.  Sundays are my ’me’ days. I do not schedule anything besides spending time with friends or with myself. It is a commitment I made to myself and to recharge.

What is your favourite type of sportswear and why? What quality or feature are you looking for in sportswear?

Always look for outfits that flaunts your body. It is important to know your body and pick outfits that flatter your assets the most.

The most important thing when I choose sportswear is quality and comfort. I personally prefer light materials because they are less restrictive. I like high-rise leggings made with light, flexible and soft materials. One of my favourites is Onzie’s Peek-A-Boo Sports Bra available via feloSOPHIE.

To you, how will you define a beautiful woman?

Someone who knows and respects herself both intellectually and physically.

Someone who is not a pushover and follows her own principles and values instead.

Someone who is compassionate and kind.

Someone who looks after herself.

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