January 26, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from?

Hi, I’m Kit. I grew up in Vancouver,Canada and later studied in Los Angeles, U.S.. Despite western influence, I grew up in a traditional Chinese family where I was taught to live up to Asian societal expectations - hard work, prestige of the college one attended and career aspirations held by parents.

Upon graduation, like many other Asians, I found myself a job at a Fortune 500 company where I accumulated a wealth of business knowledge. During my tenure at the company, I was constantly stressed out and physically tired due to the long hours and demanding job nature. After 12 years of working non-stop, I realized my job was not sustainable for my health and well-being and I needed a change.

What motivated you to start your career?

Coincidentally, three years ago, someone suggested me to try meditation. I was reluctant at first because I don’t think my brain could ever stop thinking. However, I decided to give it a try since meditation is free, and through practice, I found peace and clarity from meditation. It was a blessing to me to find such clarity and I wanted to help others to learn more about their mind-body health and find their balance of life - it was then I decided to create sitsat and become a meditation coach.


What is your favourite sport/work out and why?

I used to enjoy intense workouts the most. But now I appreciate yoga more because it complements meditation and has a gentler effect to my body.

What is your favourite type of sportswear, quality, feature?

For yoga, I like to wear activewear made with breathable, smooth and stretchable fabric.

For meditation, I just wear anything that is comfortable on me.


Aside from being a successful female fitness guru, what other roles are you taking up and how do you make a work-life balance?

Life is constantly evolving and that’s why I am constantly learning.

Like anyone else, one may have certain obligations or responsibilities, but I don’t think anybody has a fixated role, or rather, I think everyone has a choice to take up any role.

How do I find my balance in life? I try to visualize my day and note down what is value-adding and what is not. If I have to do ten negative things, I would try to do ten positive things to balance it out.

How do you define a beautiful woman?

I define a beautiful woman as someone who is true and authentic; someone who exerts positive energy to others, making people around her happy.

More at www.sitsathk.com

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