March 21, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from?

Hi, I am Coco. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Happy to share that I have recently graduated from The University of Hong Kong where I majored in Landscape Architecture. Upon graduation, I continued my fencing career at Hong Kong National Fencing Team and started training on a full time basis.



What makes you love fencing? What other sports do you do?

I started my journey in Fencing when my cousin passed me her old fencing gears - I was in my sixth year in primary school then. Since fencing gears are expensive, I thought I would give a try… and I fell in love with it! Later I joined the fencing team at my high school and Hong Kong National Team where I trained, learned and grew together with a group of like-minded people whom become my close friends.

Why do I love fencing? Not only is fencing a great sport to train my mind and body, but it is also a social activity for me to spend time with my friends.

In addition to fencing, I also take yoga classes to restore my body and improve my focus; yoga’s still movements and mind conditioning are complementary to my daily fencing training.  

How much time do you spend on fencing? How do you achieve a work-life balance?

Since high school, I have been joining a lot of fencing competitions with my teammates which require regular training. Despite having an interest in fencing, I have never thought of training on a professional level. The turning point was last year when I received an individual prize. I have never felt such great sense of achievement before. It was then I decided to take the opportunity to receive formal training upon graduation and take up fencing as my professional occupation.

As part of the Hong Kong Fencing Team, all fencing athletes follow a strict training discipline. We train almost everyday from Monday to Saturday, approximately four to six hours a day. Despite the intense schedule, I find my balance by doing things I enjoy during my free time, and also make time for my family during the weekend.



What qualities are you looking at in your workout gears?

I look for dry-fit and high-waist design because we sweat a lot during fencing, and we want to feel comfortable and not worry about the waist area.

Top: Onzie Wave Long Sleeve
Sports Bra: Karma Evelyn Bra in Surge Blue
Bottom: Rese Mia Legging in Imperial Violet

What makes a woman beautiful?

A beautiful woman is someone who knows how to take care of physical and mental well-being; eat well, live well and stay mentally positive.


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