May 10, 2018

Would you like to introduce a bit on yourself, your background, and where do you come from? What motivated you to start Aqua Green?

Hi - I’m Tracey, Co-Founder and CFO of Aqua Green - a Hong Kong headquartered company that produces and supplies the freshest baby salad greens you can find in Hong Kong using the latest hydroponic farming technology. If you have tried the salad greens atStarbucks,Pret a Manger or anyMaxims outlet, you have tried our salad greens!

Before creating Aqua Green, I was working in the finance industry for many years where I worked my way up the corporate ladder from a staff auditor at a Big Four accounting firm to the CFO of a Fortune 500 firm. My last job as the CFO of an environmental company impacted me the most. As part of my job, I represented my company in investing many water treatment businesses. Throughout the process, I learned how our current economy is overdrawing resources which is not sustainable, making a negative environmental impact for our next generation. I wanted to help and make a difference and started thinking “What and how should we eat to support and protect the environment?” At a trade show, I stumbled upon hydroponic farming and loved the idea that we could farm without soil (especially most soil are polluted nowadays), using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

An idea sparked “Why do we always buy organic products from overseas? What if I produce and deliver greens from seed to table to people in Hong Kong and China, monitoring the whole process to make sure our greens are grown naturally free of pollution, our farming process emit minimal pollution… what more is that we reduce carbon footprint by farming greens in China to meet local demand!”... and Aqua Green was born!

What challenges you faced, especially as a female entrepreneur, when launching your own passion project?

To build a startup business, you need to be emotionally independent, persistent and always be ready to solve problems.

The beginning was tough - nobody knew who we were and we were the first to set up a Hong Kong operating company to do hydroponic farming in China. Consumers needed to know your brand and reputation before they would purchase perishable goods.

Fortunately, once you opened the first door, the other doors will open for you… after going through three years of trial and error, our greens are now being consumed by customers of all the major supermarkets and department stores in Hong Kong and China. We are now focusing on developing more products for our customers, such as vine tomatoes, peppers, etc. Stay tuned!


How do you achieve a work life balance?

It is normal to have pressure from work, especially as a female founder of a company. Everyone needs to achieve a psychological balance by doing something you like after-work to make yourself happy. My philosophy is work hard but spoil yourself when you are off work to give your mind a rest.

When I’m off work I enjoy spending time with my family, doing moderate exercises on a regular basis and eating what I like.

How do you define a beautiful woman?

A beautiful woman is someone who is knowledgeable, independent and knows how to take care of her mind-body health. Life experiences and exposures will also shape a woman’s inner-and-outer beauty.


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